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Who we are

Havana Energy Ltd (HE) was formed in 2010 as special purpose company by a group of British experts led by Rt Hon. (Very Honorable) Brian Wilson to develop investments in Cuba’s energy area, and later we have entered into an alliance with the Chinese group Shanghái Electric Corporation that has Allowed to project the commercialization in Cuba of the products of this group, which have a high demand in Cuba.


Born in 1970, Mr. Qin Yi is currently the Managing Director of Shanghai Electric Group Finance Co, Ltd (“SEGFC”), Deputy Executive Director of Financial Service and Chairman of Leasing business. Mr. Qin began to serve in the group since 2003. During his service between 2009 and 2012, he also served as a senior vice president and a member of finance and audit committee in a printing & packaging company.
As a Citizen of China, Mr. Qin graduated and was granted with Bachelor Degree from Sichuan University. He is now a Master of Business Administration of Tsinghua University.


Andrew Macdonald has over 13 years experience working throughout IberoAmerica and the Spanish markets within the USA, where he held regional executive positions for MaST and Jobshark Technologies. For the past 14 years he has worked in Cuba, firstly managing the Floridita brand in Europe and secondly developing a group of boutique hotels in unique areas of Cuba and the first integrated golf tourism centers which will be in partnership with MINTUR. His specific experience in energy includes preparing Eastern Electricity (UK) for privatization and whilst working for Foundation Chile (NGO owned by the government) implementing ISO 9000 and 14000 in the hydro electricity sector as well as reviewing the pricing models of electricity generated from hydro. Andrew holds a BSc and an MBA from Cambridge University.


Born in 1975, Mr. Peng Bo is currently the Executive Deputy Managing Director of Shanghai Electric Investment Co., Ltd., and he is serving as executives in water treatment, environmental science and technology and leasing companies. Mr. Peng began to serve as an executive in asset management & finance sectors since 2004. During his service between 2012 and 2014, he also served as a senior vice president and a member of finance and audit committee in a printing & packaging company.
As a Citizen of China, Mr. Peng graduated and was granted with Bachelor Degree from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. He is now a Master of Management of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.


Born in 1984, Mr. Zhengyue Chen is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Havana Energy Limited and Financial Director of Biopower S.A which is a joint venture established by Havana Energy Limited and Azcuba and focusing on energy developments in Cuba. Mr. Zhengyue Chen began to serve as an accounting and auditing professional in PricewaterhouseCoopers in Shanghai, China since 2010. Before joining Havana Energy Limited and Biopower S.A, Mr. Zhengyue Chen was a senior investment manager in Shanghai Electric Investment Company. During his service between 2014 and 2016, he has been involved in domestic and overseas investment and financing projects in energy sector.
Mr. Zhengyue Chen has a Master’s degree in Applied Commerce at the University of Melbourne. He is qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in both Australia and China (CPAA & CICPA).


Brian Wilson is a former Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom and remains a member of the Privy Council, which is made up of senior serving and former politicians. Between 1997 and 2005, when he retired from politics, he held six government posts under Tony Blair including Scottish Education Minister, UK Trade Minister, UK Energy Minister and Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Overseas Trade. He has MA Hons from Dundee University and University College, Cardiff, where he took a Postgraduate qualification in Journalism Studies. Before entering politics, Mr Wilson worked as a journalist and was the recipient of a number of awards.


Peter has over thirty years of experience in energy research and development and is professor of energy storage at Sheffield University, having previously spent 20 years at Strathclyde University. He graduated in Theoretical Physics (BSc Hons) from Durham University, in Philosophy (MLitt) from Newcastle University and obtained his PhD in applied chemistry from Newcastle University. He worked for two years in Halley Base in Antarctica, where he made the first pre-Spring tropospheric ozone measurements that led to the discovery of the ozone hole.
His current positions of responsibility include membership of the European Energy Research Alliance management committee, the Royal Society of Chemistry Energy Storage Steering Committee and the International Energy Agency international experts committee for hydrogen storage. He has over 100 scientific and engineering papers published in energy related refereed journals and is widely regarded as one of the leading international experts in energy storage and conversion.